Punch In / Punch Out

Sometimes you'll record a passage, and with the exception of one bungled section, it's flawless. Instead of re-recording the entire passage, you can Punch In Punch Out and just re-record over the offending section.

The program will only record between the Start and End points (Punch In point and Punch Out point) so you can play along with the part to help you get into the flow.

To Enable Punch In/Out

Switch to the main tab "Record".

  • Check the Record Region check box and specify the measure, beat and tick where the recording will Start and End.
  • Set the Play Region Start to a couple of measures before the Record Region Start, and set the End to a couple of measures after the Record Region End.
  • Select the Replace existing radio button under the option When recording into a track containing data.
  • Now click on the rec button.

To Disable Punch In/Out

  • Uncheck the Enable Loop Mode box.
  • Make sure that the Play Region and Record Region check boxes are unchecked.