Properties Palette

The Properties Palette is used to modify hundreds of different element properties. Everything from the pitch of a note, the shape of slurs and ties to the spacing around a staff can be changed using the Properties Palette.

The usual method of editing a music symbol is to select it andUse the Properties Palette to change the desired element properties. One of the most powerful features of the Properties Palette is its ability to modify many different elements at once. You can select several notes, for example, and with a single operation change all their durations to 8th notes, or all the stem directions.

To Display the Properties Palette

  Select the Properties Palette from the ribbon menu in the main tab "Home".


Double click the mouse on a music symbol.


  Right-click on a selected element, then select Properties Paletteā€¦ from the shortcut menu.


Press "ALT+2"

To use the Properties Palette

  • Select elements that you want to edit.
  • Display the Properties Palette and use the different property pages to change characteristics.
  • Press the Apply button to make the changes to the selected elements.
  • If you've made changes in the Properties Palette - but haven't applied those changes yet - press the Reset button to reset the controls to the current values.