Preparing To Record

Before recording it is important to configure the software so that incoming notes and other information are placed on the correct track. You can also specify a particular voice for a recording, which isUsed for notating the music.

For example, if you are working on a brass trio you need to specify which of the three instruments you are recording. If you do not tell the program where you want notes to be placed it will try to do the best job it can -- sometimes this is what you want, but often it may not be. By default, the program looks for the first empty track andUses it for the recording.

You should also check that your MIDI keyboard is properly connected.

Select the track that you want to record into

Display the Mixer.

Specify the desired record track by pressing the track mode control.

In this example the Horn track has been selected as the track for recording

  Select the voice for recording

  1. Display the Music Score.

  1. In the notation bar at the top of the view, select the desired voice from the Voice dropdown list.

If you leave the voice set to "All Voices" the notation engine will try to determine the proper voice for the recording.

Check your MIDI connection

  1. Display the Mixer.

  1. Play a few test notes on your MIDI instrument. You should see the small IN light in the lower right-hand corner of the Mixer light up momentarily.

If your MIDI Thru options are enabled, you will hear any notes that you play.

  Other Record Settings

  When recording many different MIDI channels simultaneously, you can use the Sequencer Options dialog to change how the channels are split and routed to different tracks and voices.

Use the Performance Options dialog to specify the behavior when you record into tracks that already contain music.