The workspace consists of the these elements:

The following topics provide summaries of each area. Click on one of the links for detailed information about each component.

Main Tabs

The main tabs are organized in groups. They consist of different buttons that contains controls for accessing commonly-used features.

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The main view displayed above is the Music Score, which is one of several different views available for creating and editing a document. The views are the central work area for your music. Other view you can use are the Piano Roll. Each document has its own set of views.


There are three palettes that you use during the course of creating your compositions. The Input Palette contains all the music symbols that you can add to your score, the Mixer can be used to adjust tempo, volume and other performance properties, and the Properties Palette provides a single location to edit hundreds of music symbol properties.

Many of these features can be accessed through menu commands as well, but the palettes provide a convenient way to access the features you use most often. Use the buttons in the main tab "Home" to activate or deactivate the different palettes.