Open a Document

You can open any music document that was created as either a FORTE Notation File (.FNF), MusicXML (.XML) or a Standard MIDI (.MID) files.

If the program is not already open, you can double-click on a file from Windows Explorer to open the program with the selected file displayed.

You can also click on a file in the Explorer and drag it into the main application window to open that file.

Note: A list of the most recent documents you have opened or saved is shown in the File menu. Click on any of these file names to open that file without displaying the Open dialog.

To Open a Document click on the FORTE-Button:

  1. Select "Open…" from the menu to display the Open dialog



  1. Click on the file(s) you want to open. If the file you want does not appear in the list shown, use the Look In dropdown list to find the folder where the file is stored.

  1. Click the Open button. It may take a few seconds to open the file.