Nudging Symbols

When music symbols are added to the music, the notation engine automatically places and positions them. Sometimes you may wish to make adjustments to the default positions - this is what nudging is for.

For example, if a dynamic marking is overlapping a note you can move the dynamic marking up, down, left, or right. You can nudge the symbols using the Properties Palette or by using shortcut keys.

When using shortcut keys to nudge, the symbols will move as you press the arrow keys. This is nice because you immediately see what your changes look like.

Note: There is a difference in slightly adjusting the position of something, and moving it's performed location. For example, you may want to nudge a note head to the right to avoid an interval of a second collision, or you may want to move a note head to another beat. See the Move topics for discussions on moving performed locations.

Nudge with the Properties Palette

  • Select the symbols you wish to nudge.
  • Display the Properties Palette, then select the General page.
  • Use the Position controls to specify offsets from the default values.

Nudge using Shortcut Keys

  • Select the symbols you wish to nudge.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key, then use the arrow keys to move the symbols.

Some symbols have slightly different behavior when using the shortcut keys for nudging. See the following topics for more information:

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