Notes and the Grand Staff

The Grand Staff is a special staffUsed for notating keyboard music. The staff consists of two parts, an upper staff and a lower staff. When adding notes onto a Grand Staff with the mouse, notes entered above "middle C" will be placed in the upper staff ,and those below "middle C" in the lower staff. If notes from the upper staff need to go into the lower staves territory, or visa-versa, then the additional step of specifying a voice needs to be done.

When specifying a voice from the Notation Bar , voices 1-4 will be placed in the upper staff, and 5-8 in the lower staff. A very common scenario is to have two independent voices on each part of the staff. To do this, use voices 1 and 2 for the upper staff, and voices 5 and 6 for the lower staff.

When only part of the measure has independent voices, you can either hide or delete unwanted rests.