Notating two lines of music on one staff (Multivoicing)

Each staff can support up to 8 different voices(parts) for notating several melodic lines together on the same staff. Quite often in keyboard, instrumental, and vocal music, two distinct lines of music occupy the same staff. If the two lines differ rhythmically, they should be notated using separate voices so that their independent rhythms are preserved. If the two lines share the same rhymic pattern, they may be notated using a single voice.

The example below illustrates how multivoicing looks in the Music Score:

The notation engine automatically handles many of the nuances of multivoicing music. For example, there are different rules for stem direction and length, and for how slurs, ties and accents are displayed. Note that the notation engine automatically fills each voice with it's own set of rests. In keyboard music, one may want to hide rests for improved readability.

You can use multivoicing in your score by selecting the desired voice before you start to write down your music.

Select the voice you want to enter in the main tab "Home" in the group voice:

Change voice with the Properties Palette

  • Select the notes you want to change.
  • Display the Appearance page in the Properties Palette.
  • Select the desired voice from the Voice dropdown list, then hit the Apply button to apply the changes.