Move Notes

Sometimes you may wish to move existing notes to a different location.

This technique is especiallyUseful when you want to move large groups of notes while preserving their time and pitch locations relative to one another.

First, be sure the application is in Select Mode.

Move Notes

  • Select the notes you wish to move.
  • Click - but do not release - the mouse on one of the selected notes.
  • As you drag the mouse, the music cursor changes to the sameUsed when entering a new note from the Input Palette.
  • Align the dashed line with the beat where you want the note, then align the dot with the desired pitch.

When you move a group of notes, the first note serves as the "guide note" - all other notes are placed relative to the guide note, just as they were originally.

  • Release the mouse to move the notes to the specified location.

Note: If you hold the Control key down when you release the mouse, the notes are copied to the new location instead of moved.