Mouse Select Options

The Mouse Select Options Dialog determines which elements are selected when you drag-select with the mouse. By default, only notes are included when you drag-select a region with the mouse.

There are times, however, when you want to drag-select other symbols, too. For example, you could drag-select only accents, or only rests to make it easier to do editing on large groups of symbols in your music.

You can always choose to select specific elements using the Select Elements dialog. The mouse drag settings merely provides another convenient way to select the symbols you want and nothing else.

To Display the Mouse Select Options Dialog

Use any of the following methods to display the dialog:

  Switch to the main tab "Edit" "Elements section..."

  Press CTRL+M on the computer keyboard.

To Select Elements

  • Display the Mouse Select Options dialog
  • Choose at least one type of element that you want to select from the main list at the top of the window.

Press the All or None buttons to quickly check or uncheck all element types in the list.

  • Press the OK button. The next time you drag-select with the mouse, only the specified element types will get selected.