The Mixer isUsed to control the interaction of different tracks during a performance, and to change the overall properties of the music such as tempo and master volume. If you want one part to sound louder than another, for example, you couldUse the mixer to adjust the volumes of the tracks until everything sounds right.

To Display the Mixer

Use any of the following methods to display the Mixer:

  Select the Mixer from the ribbon menu in the "Home" tab.

Docking and Sizing the Mixer

The Mixer can be docked or undocked to the main application window, just like a toolbar.

When the Mixer is undocked you can resize it horizontally to take up less screen space.

Move the mouse over one side of the window until the cursor changes to a resize cursor, then click and drag to resize the window.

Display Modes

The Mixer can be displayed in different modes: Full, Normal and Mini.

In Full mode, all controls are displayed for each track, including knobs for specifying Reverb, Pan, Chorus and Modulation. In Mini mode, only the track name and state controls are displayed.

The 3 icons in the upper left-hand corner of the Mixer are buttons you use to change the Mixer's display mode: