Merging Tracks

In some instances it may be more desirable to have two parts together on a Track or Staff rather than have them occupy separate Tracks or Staves.

When creating a composition, this can be accomplished by entering the first part or instrument (default Voice number is 1) and then switching to Voice 2, entering the second part. (See Multivoicing.)

But when working with an existing composition, the Merge command offers a more efficient way of accomplishing this. This illustration gives step-by-step instructions to Merge two parts or instruments from two separate Tracks or Staves…

…into one Track or Staff.

To set this up, change the Voice Assignment for all the Part 2 notes.

This is accomplished by clicking on the main tab "Edit".
Click on "Select Elements"

In the Select Element window click on the None button clearing out the element types.

Scroll down and select Note.

Click the Advanced button.

Click to select Filter by Track.

Click to select Part 2.

Click OK.

All the notes in Part 2 should change to the highlight color (red) indicating that they have been selected.

Click on the Properties Palette button in the main tab "Home" and bring up the Note Properties window.

Using the Appearance Tab change the number for Voice to 2.

Click Apply. (Nothing will appear to happen.)

Click the Mixer button in the main tab "Home" or press "ALT+3".

if the Mixer is not already displayed.

In the Mixer View, double-click on Track Part 2…

…bringing up the Staff Properties Palette.

Using the main tab "Score" and select "Merge Staves".

Click to select Part 1 as well.

Click to select Keep original tracks and Preserve Voices.

Click Apply.

The Merged Staff will appear along with Part 1 and Part 2.

At this point Part 1 and Part 2 can be hidden in this Layout if you desire. To accomplish this, click on the Layout Operations button and select Edit Layout.

System Layout

Using the Setup Tab remove the "checkmarks" from Part 1 and Part 2.

If you do not like the current System Layout of the page…

…use the Spacing Tab and increase the Systems per page number.

New System Layout

In this example 8 was selected, but the piece only required 6 Systems.

Click Apply and OK.

The final result will look something like this…

The stems of what were Part 2 notes are now facing down because we assigned them to Voice 2. The stem direction default is:

Odd Numbered Voice = Stem Up

Even-Numbered Voice = Stem Down

For more information on using Layouts, see Working with Layouts.