This page in the Device Wizard isUsed to select the MIDI device and channel that you want toUse for MIDI Thru.

Incoming MIDI data is sent back out through the MIDI Thru device. This type of setup allows you to play on one instrument yet hear the notes on several different instruments.

To Send a Test Note to a Device

  Click the Test button to send a test note to the selected device. If you do not hear anything, check your MIDI connections, volume and power settings.

Setting Options

  Choose one of the radio buttons to specify MIDI Thru mode.

  Click Back or Next to navigate to another page.

In Automatic mode, the MIDI thru device is configured to the same device and channelUsed for the track currently being recorded

  In Manual mode, you specify the device and MIDI channel toUse for MIDI output. In the Channel combo box you can select a specific channel number or "No change" to send the data out on the same channel that it came in on.