Lyric Properties: Text

The Text tab in the Lyric Properties window allows you to enter or edit whole verses as a single text block. The basic element of the text block is the syllable. Each syllable will be automatically placed in an appropriated position on your score (under notes or chords). Beside the syllables, there are three special elements you can use to adjust the position and appearance of the lyric text:

  • The Place Holder (•)

The place holder is represented by the special character "•" and it will always "hold" the place of a position (note or chord) that contains no syllable. Place holders can seen as spaces in a normal text. You can add or remove them by pressing <space bar>, <backspace> or <delete>.

  • The Hyphen (-)

The hyphen is represented by a "hyphen" or "minus sign" and can be used to divide a word in two or more syllables.

  • The Extender (_)

The extender is represented by an "underscore" and can be used to extend the duration of a syllable over one or more positions. Each extended position is represented in the text by a single underscore character.