Loop Recording

Loop recording is a powerful variation of "normal" recording from a MIDI keyboard that allows you to lay down tracks, try alternate takes and otherwise piece together your music with fewer internediate steps.

To begin loop recording, you must enable loop mode and configure other performance options depending on how you want the loops to behave.

To Enable Loop Recording

  • Check the Enable Loop Mode box. Notice how certain other controls are now enabled.
  • Configure other controls according to how you want to loop-record (details below).
  • Press OK.

To Disable Loop Recording

  • Uncheck the Enable Loop Mode box. Notice how certain controls become disabled.
  • Make sure that the Play Region and Record Region check boxes are unchecked.
  • Press OK.

Loop Recording Options

There are four variations of Loop Recording. The instructions below describe how to configure the Performance Options Dialog for each variation.
Click on the Recording Options:


Recording onto the same track for each loop. The new material is merged with the existing material.

This method is excellent for laying down drum grooves. You can record the bass drum on the first pass, the snare on the second, the hi hat on the third...

Alternate Takes

Recording onto different tracks for each loop. Each previously recorded track is muted.

Use this method to lay down a couple of takes for a difficult passage, or try different ideas over a section of music. Then using the loop play feature, mute and solo each track to choose which one sounds best.

Multiple Takes

Like the Alternate Takes method except that each loop records onto the same track, and previously recorded material is deleted.

This method is good for recording difficult passages - once you get it right, stop recording and there's your perfect take.


Like the Overdubbing method except that each loop records onto a new track.

For the more experimentally inclined…

Performance Options Settings

  • Check the Record Region check box and specify the measure where the loop Starts and where the loop Ends.
  • Set the Loop Region Start and Stop to the same values as the Record Region Start and Stop.
  • Check the Lead-In Measures box and the For each loop box to enable lead-in counts for each loop.
  • Select the Merge with existing radio button under the option When recording into a track containing data.
  • Select theUse same track radio button under the option When loop recording, for each new loop.