Loop Playback

Loop playback allows you to continually play a section of music over and over. It is purely a sequencer playback feature (there is no notational symbol). For notation based repeats, see Repeats.

Loop Playback is a great way to practice in the privacy of your own home. Lay down some changes, set the tempo really slow, setup a loop, and shed. Slowly increase the tempo (no need to stop the loop) or transpose to a different key (again, no need to stop the loop). Now go and impress your friends.

To Loop Playback (main tab "Playback")

  • Check the Enable Loop Mode box in the main tab "Playback".
  • Check the Loop Region check box and specify the measures to loop over (You can still set the range even if the Loop Region check box is grayed out). For example, if you are looping over 32 bars, set the Start to 001:01:000 and the End to 033:01:000.

To Stop Loop Playback

  • Uncheck the Enable Loop Mode box in the main tab "Playback"