List Area

The List Area is a table containing a display of events.  The rows in the table represent individual events, the columns represent specific bits of information about the event.

As you make different selections in the Overview Area, the items in the list change to reflect the new selection.  If you select an item which contains a very large number of events, a dialog warns you - this is because displaying a large number of items (more than 5000) can consume a lot of your computer's memory and resources.  You can always select a smaller portion of the document.

The items in the list can be sorted in a variety of ways - by name, event type, start time, duration and so on.  Select one of the column headers in the list to sort alphabetically or numerically by that column. As the list updates, different items are automatically added to the end of the list.  If you check the Sort box at the top of the Event List window, the list will remain sorted at all times.

The following table describes each column displayed in the list:


A general description of the event, such as "Note" or "Tempo".  An icon for the event is also displayed in this column.


The current MIDI channel that the event is performed on.  You cannot edit this value here - you must change the routing of a track in the Track Properties.


The start time - in bars, beats and ticks - of the event


The duration if the event.  This field is blank for events that do not have a duration


This field is used only for notes - it provides a more "user-friendly" way to view the pitch of the note (rather than MIDI numbers)

Data1, Data 2

These are the MIDI data byte fields.  Depending on the event, these values may represent completely different parameters.


A description of what the numbers in Data1 and Data2 really mean for the event.