Layout Dialog

The Layout Dialog isUsed to specify overall properties of new layouts or to change the properties of an existing layout. In addition to the Layout Dialog, you can change the position and spacing of your music using the Properties Palette - these changes are stored along with the layout.

The layout dialog is organized into the following tabs (click on the name of the tab in the table below for details):


Basic information about which staves are visible, title page style, staff size and fonts.


Margin information for left and right pages and first system. Paper sizes and orientation and tiling


Default measures/system and systems/page, and spacing around staves.


Miscellaneous options such as multiple-measure rests and measure and page numbering options

The Layout Sample window is a crude representation of how staves and system will fit onto a piece of paper. As you change the staff size, tiling options and so on the layout sample window changes to give a general idea of how things will look on the page.