Input Palette

The Input Palette contains notes, accents, dynamics, meters and dozens ofOther music symbols grouped into different music "tabs" or "pages". Similar symbols are grouped together on the same tab. For example, notes, accidentals, slurs, ties, tuplets and dots are all grouped in the Notes tab, since they all have to do with notes.

To Display the Input Palette

Use any of the following methods to display the Input Pallet.

  Switch to the main tab "Home" and choose "Elements" from the group Palettes from the menu.


Press "ALT+1"

To Select Music Pages

  To view a set of notation elements, click a tab to bring it to the front of the palette. If a tab is not visible, use the small arrow keys to move the tabs left and right.

  Right-click the mouse anywhere in the Input Palette to display a shortcut menu:

Select an item from the menu to display the corresponding music page.