Getting Started

Before you begin, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the User interface. Click here for an overview of the various tools, windows and views you can use for creating music.

As you use the program you will discover that there are often several different ways to perform a command. Shortcuts, pop-up menus, toolbars and mouse actions can all be used to apply commands. Which method should you use? Of course, the one you like the most! Some people prefer to Use menus, some like toolbars and still others prefer shortcut keys.

Using Context-Sensitive Help

At any time in the program you can bring up a context sensitive help topic by selecting Shift+F1 from the keyboard and then clicking on a button, control or window. You can also move the mouse pointer over a button or control to display a tool tip describing what the control isUsed for.

Using Shortcut Keys

Shortcuts Keys or "keyboard accelerators" save you the hassle of moving the mouse, selecting a menu and then selecting an appropriate command from the menu. For example, Pressing CTRL+N on the keyboard performs the same action as selecting the File menu with the mouse and choosing the New… command.

If you prefer toUse shortcut keys, please notice the key combinations given at the right of some menu items. If there is not a set of shortcut keys given, that function does not work using shortcut keys.

Let's Get Started!

Click on one of the topics below to learn more about working with music documents.

  Create a New Document

  Open an Existing Document

  Add Music to a Document

  Perform Music

  Edit Music

  Save a Document

  Print a Document