FORTE Reverb (Premium & Home) 

With FORTE Reverb you can play your music in a virtual reverberation chamber. A few different chambers are already included as presets. Of course you can create your own individual reverberation chamber with this plug-in.

You can access Forte Reverb any time through clicking the "Play / Edit effect" tab.

Click "Apply". You can open FORTE Reverb by clicking "Edit". Here you will be able to adjust all necessary parameters for reverberation. The default presets can be accessed through the drop-down menu.

Control Functions:

Size:                Defines the size of the room

Width:                Width of the reverberation chamber in the stereo panorama

Damp:                Dampens the sound to simulate distance.
Gate:                The Gate function cuts off the reverberation if the corresponding MODE has been selected.
Mix:                Here you can adjust the ratio between effect and dry signal.