Envelope Transitions

Envelope points have another property called its flavor, which describes how the shape of the envelope behaves around that point. The shape of an envelope depends entirely on the position and flavor of each envelope point.

You can always change a point's flavor simply by selecting it and clicking the right mouse button to display a popup menu. Currently we have two flavors, Constant and Dynamic.

A constant point means the value of the envelope is the same after the point. This type of point is normallyUsed for notated symbols such as ff and mp since those symbols mean to set the dynamic marking to a certain value.

A dynamic point means the value of the envelope changes dynamically from the point to the next point. This type of point isUsed for markings such as a crescendo where the meaning is to gradually increase the dynamic value.

It can be helpful to loop over a region and experiment with different envelope points, positions and flavors to see how things change.