Envelope Points

Envelope points are the backbone of an envelope. By adding, removing and adjusting envelope points you can dramatically change the way the envelope looks as well as how the music sounds.

You should understand the visual appearance of the various envelope points displayed in the Envelope View. The figure below describes the different types of points you may see in an envelope.

Points that look "hollow" represent "normal" envelope points. These are points that comprise most envelopes and have absolutely no connection with any notated symbol in the Music Score.

The "solid" envelope points correspond to notated symbols. If these points are moved the symbol in the Music Score is also moved. Similarly, if the symbol in the score is deleted the points in the envelope are also deleted.

Some symbols in the Music Score actually correspond to 2 envelope points since they have both a start time and a duration - crescendos and accelerandos, for example. For these symbols there is one point representing the start time of the element and another point representing the stop time. Adjusting the second point effectively changes the duration of the element as it is notated in the score.