Entering Music in the Music Score

When you add music symbols to a document the notation engine properly aligns and positions them according to standard music notation practices. Notes are beamed together or flagged, rests are added around notes, measures resized, etc. in order to get the music to fit properly.

  Entering music begins with selecting a symbol from the Input Palette. This places the application into Insert Mode (if it was not already), and changes the cursor to the appropriate type for the element that is selected in the Input Palette.

In order to control where elements are added, the Music ScoreUses several different music cursors to guide the process. Essentially, the music cursor ensures that you place symbols in meaningful locations. For example, you cannot place a key signature on a dynamic marking -- after all, what would that mean?

  When appropriate, the music cursors provide additional visual feedback so it is clear exactly where the music symbol will end up. For example, as you move the mouse, the note cursor displays a small rectangle where the note will be placed so you can see exactly what the pitch will be for the note.

  Inserting the selected music symbol is normally as simple as clicking the mouse in the music at the location currently displayed by the music cursor. In some cases, additional input is required before the symbol is added. For example, when entering lyrics you still need to type in the actual text.

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