Editing Music

Once you've added music to your document you can edit it to change how the music sounds or how it looks when printed.

There are hundreds of different ways you can edit your music; luckily, they can all be grouped into one of the following basic operations:

Cut, Copy, Paste & Delete

Use familiar edit commands to cut and splice portions of your music together in different ways.

Drag and drop

Click the mouse directly on a music symbol and drag the mouse to copy or move the element to another location in the music.

Edit with the Properties Palette

Change dozens of element properties using the Properties Palette. Edit multiple elements simultaneously.

Special Menus

Context and popup menus provide shortcuts to many commands, and offer a few special features not found elsewhere in the program.


Actions are plug-in effects for processing your music. Quantize, transpose, merge, split, and other effects make it easy to experiment and transform your compositions.