Edit Pedal Marks with the Properties Palette

The Properties Palette is a useful tool for changing the properties of any symbol, including pedals.

Be sure the application is in Select Mode, then select the pedal you want to edit.

You can select several different pedals and change all of their properties at once.

Note: If you are finding that you need to move all of the pedal markings lower to clear some notes, consider adjusting the Symbol Spacing Below setting for the system instead of adjusting their position.

Edit a Pedal

  1. Select the pedals you want to edit, then display the Properties Palette .

  1. To change the start time or its MIDI data, select the Performance tab in the Properties Palette and adjust the performance properties.

  1. To change general properties of the pedal, such as its position, visibility and color, select the General tab in the Properties Palette and adjust the general properties.

  1. To perform an action on the pedal, such as moving it, select the Actions tab in the Properties Palette.

  1. Click the Apply button when you are done making changes.