Edit Envelope Points with the Properties Palette

The Properties Palette is a useful tool for changing the properties of any symbol, including envelopes.

The appropriate Properties Palette for the envelope point depends on the type of envelope it is part of.

For example, the volume controller envelope corresponds to dynamic markings in the Music Score, so the dynamic markings Properties Palette isUsed. Similarly, when editing points in the tempo envelope, the Properties Palette for tempo markings isUsed. For all other points, the Properties Palette shows generic performance properties.

Be sure the application is in Select Mode, then select the envelope point you want to edit.

You can select several different points and change all of their properties at once.

Edit an Envelope Point

  1. Select the point you want to edit, then display the Properties Palette.

  1. Select the Performance page in the Properties Palette to change the time and value for the selected envelope points.

  1. If you have selected a symbol which also has notational equivalents, select the appropriate Appearance tab and adjust the appearance properties, if desired.

  1. Click the Apply button when you are done making changes.