Create a New Document

You begin a new composition by creating a new document to store your music and formatting. You can create a new document in different ways, A blank sheet of music will appear on the screen with a clef, time and key signatures, and part labels. If you would like a different instrumentation, you can try some of the other templates or create your own.

Using the Score Wizard

Select Score Wizard from the Launch Assistant.

Starting with an existing Template

Select From Template from the Launch Assistant.

Templates are essentially blank documents with some basic structure already set up for you. Each template contains a default number of tracks, voicing and so on. You can choose from a number of different templates including percussion, choral, orchestral, piano, and ensembles. For example, if you want to write a four-part choral piece you can open the SATB template, which already has the soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts. Without the template you would need to set up four staves, add key signatures, clefs, and labels. While this is not difficult, the template saves you the time and effort of doing this each time you want to write a choral piece. Always remember that you can save any document as a template with the command File Save as Template from the menu.

Starting with the Default Score

Select Default Score from the Launch Assistant.

You can also create a new document by clicking on the FORTE-Button. Select from the menu "NEW..."