Change Tempo

The Mixer has several controls that allow you to control various characteristics of the performance, including the tempo.

The right portion of the Mixer contains a set of controls for changing the master volume and tempo. A horizontal slider in this "Master Area" represents the relative tempo for the performance.

To Display the Mixer

Use any of the following methods to display the Mixer:

Click the Mixer button in the main tab "Home", "Playback" or "Record"

   Press ALT+2 on the computer keyboard.

To Change the Tempo

  Change the position of the tempo slider in the Master Area of the Mixer.

Notice that the beats per minute are displayed to the right of the tempo slider and changes as you change the tempo.

  Click on the text displaying the current tempo - it becomes active so you can type a new tempo.

Use the buttons below the tempo slider to easily set the tempo to twice or half normal speed.


Change to main tab "Playback" and set the tempo there.