Auto Save

The AutoSave feature can be set to save your work at regular intervals and create backup copies of the file.

The backup file is stored in the same directory and has the same name as the original file except its name is prepended with a "~" character.

When autosave happens, changes to all documents are saved into the backup file. The original file remains unaffected until you specifically save it.

To use AutoSave

  • Select the main tab "Options" and choose "General" from the Tools menu.

  • Click the Save tab.
  • Click on the checkboxes to select your preferences.

  • Click the OK button when you are done.

AutoSave Choices

  Always create backup file: Creates a backup copy of a file when you first open it.

  Automatic save every N minutes: Performs autosave every N minutes.

  Apply to new files: Applies these preferences to all new files you create.

  Prompt to save as FNF file: Asks whether you would like to save as a  FORTENotation File in order to retain all music notation (a MIDI file will not retain the music notation).