Advanced Techniques

Once you've mastered the ins and outs of entering and editing notes, you may find itUseful to try out some advanced techniques.

Select from the following to learn more:

Notating two lines of music on one staff (Multivoicing)

Create staves that contain independent lines of music on the same staff.


Control how notes are beamed together to emphasize different rhythms or phrasing.

Hidden Symbols

Any music symbol can be hidden so that it does not appear when printed - using this feature you can create pickup measures, split measures between systems and create meterless music.

Pickup Measures

Pickup measures are used for phrases that start before the initial barline.

Splitting Measures

For phrasing considerations, you may wish to display part of a measure on one system, and another part on a following system.

Small Meter Changes

If you want to insert a meter over a small range of measures (for example, to split the measure or perform other "tricks" with the score) without affecting the entire score, a few extra steps are necessary.