Add and Remove Title Page Text

Title page text is displayed on the first page (the title page) and includes the song title, subtitle, composer, arranger, text author, a dedication and copyright information.

All title page text is automatically formatted and positioned according to what title page style is selected in the layout . For example, with the "classic" style selected, the song title is displayed in a larger font and centered at the top of the page, the copyright information is centered in small type along the bottom edge of the first page, and so forth.

Once you've added title page text, you can edit its position and appearance properties - just like normal text.

To Add Title Page Text


  1. Select the Text/Chords tab in the Input Palette, then select the button labeled "Text". Notice how the Input Palette resizes to display additional controls.

  1. Check the Title page text box to display additional controls, including a drop-down list and a large text entry field.

  1. Select the type of title text you wish to add from the drop-down list, then enter text for the symbol into the text entry field.

  1. Press the Insert button in the Input Palette to insert the text at the end of the score.