Add and Remove Ties

Ties are notational markings which visually break a single note into two or more notes without affecting the performance. The tied notes are grouped together within the tie marking and have a total duration equal to the original note. Tied notes are typicallyUsed when notes do not logically fit within a measure.

When you tie notes together they appear as several different notes, but they are performed as a single note with a longer duration. Ties are always displayed above or below the notes they affect.

Once a tie is added to your music you can edit its position and appearance properties.

To Add a Tie

Select the Notes tab in the Input Palette, then select the tie symbol.

Click - but do not release - the mouse in an empty area that is not over a note.

Drag the mouse to sweep out a rectangular area. Notice that notes that are included in the selection area are highlighted.

Select adjacent notes with the same pitch that you wish to tie together, then release the mouse to add the tie.


Select the notes that you want to tie together - the notes must be adjacent and have the same pitch.

Use the shortcut menu to add a tie to the selected notes.

To Remove a Tie

Select the ties and press the Delete key.