Add and Remove Slurs

Slurs are markings that instruct the performer to play the specified notes smoother. Slurs are always displayed above or below the notes they affect.

Once a slur is added to your music you can edit its position and appearance properties.

To Add a Slur

Select the Notes tab in the Input Palette, then select the slur symbol.

Click - but do not release - the mouse in an empty area that is not over a note.

Drag the mouse to sweep out a rectangular area. Notice that notes that are included in the selection area are highlighted.

Select adjacent notes that you wish to slur together, then release the mouse to add the slur.


Select the notes that you want to slur together - the notes must be adjacent.

Use the shortcut menu to add a slur to the selected notes.

To Remove a Slur

Select the slurs and press the Delete key.