Add and Remove Rests

The application automatically adds rests around notes that are added to the score. Usually the default rests are what you want, but sometimes it is desirable to change the rests. You can enter rests in the Music Score similarly as you enter notes.

You can also think of rests as "anti-notes" - when a rest is inserted in the Music Score the notation automatically fills the remaining time of the measure with rests of the required value (just like a note) but a rest is entered instead of a note.

You can edit the position and appearance of rests using the Properties Palette.

To Add a Rest

Select the Notes tab in the Input Palette, then select one of the notes. Notice how the Input Palette resizes to display additional controls.

In the Input Palette, check the box labeled Display Rests. Notice how all the notes in the Input Palette change to their rest equivalents. Select a different rest if desired.

Move the cursor over the measure to which you want to add the rest. Notice the feedback provided by the rest cursor:

  The Music Ruler is drawn around the measure to indicate the beats and subdivisions within the measure.

  The dotted red line shows the time location where the rest is to be added.

Align the dashed line with the beat on the Music Ruler where you want the rest, then click the mouse to add the rest.

To Remove a Rest

Select the rest and press the Delete key.

Note: Whenever you add notes or rests to a measure, the notation engine fills in the space from the insert point to the end of the measure with appropriate rests.