Add and Remove Pedal Marks

Pedal markings are instructions to the performer to press and release the sustain pedal. On a piano, for example, this allows notes to continue to sound, even after the note has finished playing.

Pedal markings are generally associated with a particular staff. During a performance, MIDI pedal controller messages added to the performance correspond to the various pedal markings.

Once a pedal marking is added to your music you can edit its appearance and performance properties.

To Add a Pedal Marking

Select the Text/Chords tab in the Input Palette, then select the pedal marking symbol. Notice how the Input Palette resizes to display additional controls.

Select a pedal marking style from the Pedal Style drop-down list.

Move the cursor to the location in a staff where you wish to add the pedal marking. Notice that the cursor changes into a pencil and a dotted line is displayed at the current location in the Music Score.

Align the dashed line with the beat on the Music Ruler where you want the pedal to begin, then click the mouse - this is the "anchor position" for the pedal.

As you move the mouse a solid line remains at the anchor position, while a second dotted line tracks your mouse movements.

Click the mouse again to define the end point of the pedal.

Note: You can also click and drag the mouse to define both the start and stop positions.

To Remove a Pedal Marking

Select the pedal and press the Delete key.