Add and Remove Lyrics

You can enter up to 16 separate lyric verses (FORTE Premium) into your music document either beneath a staff, above a staff, or as block text at the end of the piece. You can also enter any number of single or double line chorus (refrain) sections throughout the piece. The program automatically justifies lyrics under notes, spaces hyphens between syllables, and extends extenders over multiple notes. Although you can enter lyrics on staves of any type, using a Vocal Staff will automatically position articulations, dynamics, and other symbols using established rules of vocal notation.

Once lyrics are added to your music you can edit their text and appearance.

To Add Lyrics

  • Select the Text/Chords tab in the Input Palette, then select the button labeled "Lyric". Notice how the Input Palette resizes to display additional controls. See the topics on adding verses and choruses for an explanation the additional controls. 
  • Move the cursor over the note to which you want to add the lyric. Notice that the cursor changes into a standard text insert cursor and a red dotted line is displayed at the current location in the Music Score.

  • Click the mouse either in the staff or below the staff to display a text edit box, then type in text for the new lyric:

  • Press the space bar or the Tab key to add the lyric and advance the text box to the next note. You can also press Shift-Tab to move the lyric box to the previous note.
  • Press the Return or Escape keys on the keyboard to cancel adding lyrics.

To Add Hyphens Between Syllables

Syllables should be separated by hyphens.

Type a dash ("-") to add a hyphen to the word and advance the text box to the next note.

If there are one or more notes between the two syllables, continue adding dashes to advance the text box.

To Add Extender Lines

One-syllable words sung over more than one note or the last syllable of a word sung over more than one note should have an extender line.

Type an underscore ("_") to add an extender to the word and advance the text box to the next note. Continue adding underscores to continue the extender line over many notes.

To Remove Lyrics

Select the lyrics and press the Delete key.


Edit the lyric and give it an empty value.