Add and Remove Images

In order to display images, it is necessary for some kind of image-viewing application or component to be installed on your computer. This application must also be capable of being what is known as an OLE server.

The server application does the work of actually displaying a given image, but it does so inside of the Music Score instead of in a separate window. Normally, the Microsoft application, MSPAINT, is included with every Windows operating system which satisfies these requirements for Windows bitmap (BMP) files.

If you insert images that are not bitmap files (Adobe Photoshop images, for example) or have installed other software which is associated with BMP files, it is crucial that the application be able to render the image as an OLE server. If this is not the case, the image will not display in the Music Score.

To add an image

Drag & Drop

Drag a selection of an image from the other application into your score.

Copy & Paste

1. Copy a selection of an image in the other application.

2. Left-Click at the location where you want to insert the image in your score.

3. Paste the selection in your score.

To remove an image

Select the image and press the Delete key.