Add and Remove Grace Notes

Grace notes are ornaments that are placed prior to the note that they embellish. They appear as smaller notes in the music, normally slurred to the note they embellish. You can add multiple grace notes to a single note to create more sophisticated embellishments. Multiple grace notes are beamed together just like normal notes.

Grace notes are always added to an existing "normal" note. Once a grace note is added to your music you can edit its position, appearance, and performance properties.

To Add a Grace Note

Select the Notes tab in the Input Palette, then select the grace note symbol (next to the parentheses).

Move the cursor just to the left of an existing "normal" note in the music. Notice that this note is highlighted to indicate where the grace note will be attached, and that a small red dot appears to indicate the pitch of the grace note.

Align the red dot on the pitch you would like for the grace note.

Click the mouse to add the grace note to the highlighted note at the specified pitch.

To Add Multiple Grace Notes

Follow the same steps for adding a single grace note. You can place new grace notes before, after or between existing grace notes.

To Remove Grace Notes

Select the grace notes and press the Delete key.

Note: If you remove a note that has a grace note attached, the grace note is discarded as well.