Add and Remove Chord Symbols

Chord grids and chord names are two commonly-used ways to represent the overall harmonic structure of the music.

Chord symbols are displayed above measures - much like tempo markings. Once a chord symbol is added to your music you can edit its position and appearance properties.

Chord grids depict the underlying chords as finger patterns on a 6-string guitar. There is one vertical line for each string on the guitar.

The horizontal lines give the guitarist a guide for which fret to play. An "x" above a string means it's not played and an "o" above a string means it's played open. You will most often find these symbols in popular music.

There are hundreds of different sorts of chords that areUsed by guitarists, each a different combination of fingers, strings, tunings and patterns. 256 of the most common chords are supported.

To Add a Chord Symbol to a Measure

  • Select the Text/Chords tab in the Input Palette, then select the chord grid symbol.

  • Move the cursor over the measure to which you want to add the symbol. Notice that the cursor changes into a chord grid and a red dotted line is displayed at the current location in the Music Score.

  • Align the dashed red line with the beat on the Music Ruler where you want the chord symbol.
  • Click the mouse to display the Insert Chord dialog.
  • In the Insert Chord dialog, specify the properties of the chord, then click the Insert button to add the chord at the specified location in the measure.

Chord names can be used in addition to, or in place of chord grids. Many performers prefer chord names since they take up less space than grids. They also allow the performer some flexibility as to a specific fingering or voicing required to play the chord.

If you want to enter a chord that does not have a corresponding chord grid, you can always enter it as a chord name.

You can use special formatting characters to create chord names using a variety of shorthand styles. For example, you may prefer "-7" instead of "minor7", "min7", or "m7" to represent a minor 7th chord.

To Remove a Chord Symbol

To remove a clef, simply select it with the mouse and press the Delete Key.