Add and Remove Block Lyrics

Block lyrics are normallyUsed when there are far too many verses to display beneath the notes.

In cases where there are many verses the first few verses are typically displayed beneath the notes, and the last few verses are displayed as block text at the end of the score.

To Add Block Lyrics

  • Select the Text/Chords tab in the Input Palette, then select the button labeled "Lyric". Notice how the Input Palette resizes to display additional controls.
  • Check the Block text box to display a large text entry field.
  • Enter text for the verse into the field exactly how you want it to appear in the block.
  • Press the Insert button in the Input Palette to insert the block text at the end of the score.

Note: Additional lyric blocks always appears after existing text blocks.

To Remove Block Lyrics

To remove block lyrics, simply select it with the mouse and press the Delete Key.