Add and Remove Accidentals

Accidentals (sharps, flats, etc.) areUsed to represent notes whose pitches do not correspond to the normal staff lines or spaces.

Depending on the clef and key signature, a given pitch may need to be displayed with sharps or flats. Likewise, adding an accidental to a note effectively changes the note's pitch. As you add or remove accidentals to notes, keep in mind that you are really changing the pitch of notes, and the accidentals you originally added may or may not be displayed in the score (depending on the clef and key).

You can add an accidental to an existing note, or you can attach an accidental to new notes as they are added. Once an accidental is added to your music you can edit its position and appearance properties.

To Add an Accidental to a Note

Select the Notes tab in the Input Palette, then select one of the accidentals.

Move the cursor over the note to which you want to add the accidental. Notice that the cursor changes into a bullseye and the note highlights when the cursor is over the note.

Click the mouse to add the accidental to the note.

See Reminder Accidentals to add an accidental that is already in the key or an accidental that already appears in the measure.

To Enter a Note with an Accidental

Select the Notes tab in the Input Palette and choose a new note to add.

Choose an accidental to go along with the note.

Enter the note as usual.

To Add Accidentals to Several Notes

Select the Notes tab in the Input Palette, then select one of the accidentals.

Click - but do not release - the mouse in an empty area that is not over a note.

  1.        Drag the mouse to sweep out a rectangular area. Notice that notes that are incuded in the selection area are highlighted.

Release the mouse to add accidentals of the specified type to all the selected notes.

To Remove Accidentals

Select the accidentals with the mouse and press the Delete key.

Note that removing an accidental effectively changes the pitch other accidentals may be re-added to properly represent the note in the current clef and key.