Add Reverb, Pan and Chorus

The Mixer has several controls which allow you to control various characteristics of each track, including effects such as reverb, pan and chorus. Each track is represented as a group of controls in the mixer.

Note: These effects are implemented as MIDI controllers. Since some sound synthesizers do not implement all MIDI controllers you may not hear any change.

To Display the Mixer

Use any of the following methods to display the Mixer:

Click the Mixer button in the main tab "Home", "Playback" or "Record"

   Press ALT+2 on the computer keyboard.

The 3 icons in the upper left-hand corner of the Mixer are buttons you use to change the Mixer's display mode:

Changing Effects Values

When the Mixer is displayed in Full Mode, additional controller knobs appear which you can use to change the overall values for reverb, pan, chorus and modulation.

To Use the knobs, click the mouse and drag either up/down or left/right to increase/decrease the displayed value. You can double-click a knob to reset it to its default position.

Simply adjust one of the knobs to adjust the corresponding effect.