About the Documentation

This documentation is intended to provide a comprehensive explanation of the features of FORTE.

Please notice that some of the features described here are not available in all editions of FORTE. For more information on which features are available in your edition, please visit www.fortenotation.com.

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The following topics are primarily useful when first installing the application:


Provides an overview of the tools and views you will use to create and edit music. This road map of the program gives you a basic idea of the sorts of things that are possible to help you use the product better.

Getting Started

This section familiarizes you with the basics of using the program. Basic steps on creating, editing, recording, playing and printing are covered. More detailed treatments are covered in later chapters.

Technical Support

How to contact the Technical Support Team in case of problems or questions. Drop us an email and let us know how we're doing!


The following topics describe how to use the program:

Understanding Tracks & Staves

This section describes the fundamentals of tracks and staves. Adding and removing tracks, measures, and general MIDI topics are covered.


This section describes the different views you can use to edit your document. Detailed instructions are provided for entering and editing music symbols in each view.


Actions are plug-in music effects used for editing music. This section describes the available actions and how to use them.


This section contains tutorials on how to perform common tasks in FORTE.