Free Sheet Music by Clara Schumann

Child prodigy, piano virtuoso, travelling musician, composer, “wife of…” and, most of all, the prettiest face ever on a banknote:
Happy 199th birthday, Clara Schumann!

Her gift to you: free sheet music to download! Here are two songs with piano accompaniment.

(1) Sie liebten sich beide

(2) Der Mond kommt still gegangen

and a choral by her spouse Robert:
(3) Gute Nacht

Download the sheet music as a *.zip file here.
The sheet music is optimized for FORTE 9.

No FORTE 9 at your hands?
Download the trial version here.

Buy the program here.

Happy scoring & enjoy your music!
Your FORTE team

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    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      You’re welcome, Charls.

      Wikipedia offers the following translation:

      “My fond goodnight, now I will sing you,
      sweet friend goodnight.
      An angel will my greeting bring you,
      sweet friend goodnight.
      From you again the song comes winging,
      returning in its flight.
      Friends though apart together singing,
      sweet friend goodnight.”

      …maybe that’ll help your choir.

      Happy scoring to you!
      Your FORTE team


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