How do I change the sound within a system or stave (program changes)?

Can I use “Program Changes” with FORTE?

Good news: Yes, you can add program changes to FORTE! First of all, please check that “Use VST” is activated. You’ll find this button within the main menu “Playback”, tab “VST”. Now, for the sound or program changes:

1. Back to your score, press “ctrl+1”. Double-click the desired stave. A window, “Staff Properties”, opens.

2. Select the tab “Instrument”. Click the “List <<" button. More options appear.

3. Select the button “New Patch” – it’s the small, green one.


4. Select the desired bar and timing for your change.
001 (bar): 01 (beat):000
For example, 003:02:000 refers to the second beat of the third bar of your score.

5. Select the patch and confirm your choice by “Apply”. The new patch is visible on the list.


Here’s a short video

Here’s a screencast (it’s the German layout, but the buttons are at the very same position in your English version). You can hear the different sounds at 0:46.

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  1. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    I learned something new here! I used to do this by adding another staff with the different voice. This is far easier. Thanks


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