FORTE Tutorial: Working with Multiple Voices [video]

In this video we will show you how to insert multiple voices in FORTE Basic, Home & Premium Edition.

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  1. Gail Nash
    Gail Nash says:

    I am still having a problem with using the fermata in my score. When I try to insert a fermata above a note somewhere in the music, it appears at the beginning of the music instead. I can’t make it appear above whatever note I want without it appearing above the beginning of the music. I think it is because it is found under “tempo”. Lots of the music that I re-copy has fermata symbols in various places as part of the dynamics.

    It isn’t a big problem because I can write it in once I print. However, I need to remember that it is missing from the pieces I save on my computer. I end up scanning the printed music and saving that instead-which means an extra step for me.

    I have asked about this many times because it happens so often, but I haven’t received an answer. This has happened in each version of Forte that I have owned. I am using Forte 5 Home now.


    • admin
      admin says:

      Dear Gail, thank you for your feedback. As you said, FORTE treats fermatas as tempo changes, what they actually are, but as you also said, fermatas are commonly seen as a symbol that’s sometimes more related to a particular note or chord than to the whole system. We are aware of this difference and we are going to treat this in a coming versions. Thanks for posting!
      Alexandre Alves
      FORTE Team


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