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SharpEye Music Reader – Scan Sheet Music

SharpEye Music Reader – Scanning sheet music

Scan your printed scores!

Would you like to scan your sheet music and then transpose, edit and print it?

SharpEye is one of the most efficient music scanning program on the market. It recognizes as well music as text with high accuracy and the result can be exported into Forte Standard.

SharpEye Music Reader offers all of this for just $149.

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Sharpeye Music reader in more detail – Scan sheet music

Novice songwriters: are you ready to bring your music to the next level?

Arrangers: do you want to save time writing parts?

Teachers, band leaders, and choir directors: do you wish you could create more space in your workplace and find a way to digitalize those paper scores in a way that’s practical and functional?

Forte SHARPEYE Music Reader is one of the most efficient music-scanning programs on today’s market. All of Forte’s products are designed for musicians, songwriters, and arrangers to create music easily and quickly, and the SHARPEYE Music Reader is no exception. We know what our customers are looking for because we’ve all been a customer before. All Forte products are designed by musicians for musicians, and we know that you don’t want to waste time with tutorials when you could be creating music instead.

You don’t have to waste time inputting notation from printed sheet music thanks to the ease and convenience of SHARPEYE: simply scan scores by feeding printed sheet music through the scanner and then export the file directly in Forte with the click of a button!

SHARPEYE Music Reader:
• recognizes music and text with high accuracy
• allows you to create arrangements quickly and easily
• transpose, arrange, or edit with an intuitive built-in editor
• print music notation or MIDI files automatically
• export directly into Forte!

Let Forte SHARPEYE Music reader work for you so can spend less time on the technology of music and more time being musical.

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