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About us

Who is developing FORTE?

FORTE is developed by a small team in Germany, the home of classical music. From our offices near Hamburg we support our customers worldwide, in 138 countries and growing.

The FORTE-Team

Alexandre Alves de Sá

Alexandre Alves de Sá is our software developer and an ambitious hobby musician. He works on the source code of FORTE in order to implement new features or fix the latest bugs.

Dominik Spitschan

Dominik Spitschan holds a Master’s degree in physics. He has been interested in the interfaces between music, physics, computers and technology for a long time. As a software developer, he aims at constantly improving FORTE.

Matthias “Matt” Wienemann

Matthias “Matt” Wienemann is a musicologist and passionate musician. Making music with a computer is his special subject. He is responsible for support and tutorial content.

Barbara Mailbeck

Barbara Mailbeck works with the FORTE support team. She’s also writing newsletters & taking care of the content of the pages. Barbara’s a musicologist and regularly attends various orchestras. Whenever possible, she likes to go out for a run.

Linda Brummack

Linda Brummack is our graphic designer. As a hobby she plays the piano. She is mainly involved in designing the print media, including the design of the FORTE packaging.

What to do now:

If you do not know FORTE yet: Just give it a try and download the free trial.
If you already know FORTE: Maybe it is time to buy FORTE now.
If you are looking for help: Visit our supportpage and check our online tutorials.

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